Garbage in, garbage out

Unfortunately, even with the advent of ESB and SOA point-to-point architectures still largely exist. In order to transfer data across these architectures, a connection needs to be written at both sides of each application – this is represented by the equation n!/(n-r)!. What this means is that 6 applications would require 30 point-to-point integrations and 10 applications would require 90, exponentially increasing the complexity of the integration challenge for each new application. Our expertise stems from many years of experience with TIBCO, the data integration and analytics company. 

These integrations offer no competitive advantage, and end-up depleting precious resources. By leveraging a pub-sub, event-driven integration approach, this complexity is greatly reduced. We look to offer a point of abstraction and prevent vendor lock-in providing the ability to embrace new products and technologies as the market innovates.

Furthermore, with all this focus on maintaining integrations, how can a business be expected to ensure their underlying data is being focused on? You can’t. Which leads us to the adage of garbage in, garbage out. With enough data challenges already in the market, application integration shouldn’t be another one. 

Let’s talk about future proofing your infrastructure and protecting your investments with an end-to-end integration solution.

What We've Achieved

  • 4 month integration of 100+ interfaces at a large Retailer.
  • Integration with full technology and customer engagement systems including call center, web, e-commerce and POS.
  • Integrated 30 sources systems into an enterprise data warehouse to create a 360 degree customer view. 
  • Helped architect complex logistics and supply chain integration of 500 systems.