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Midwood is the specialist in the Mule ESB, one of the world’s most widely used integration platform, and fastest growing software firms.  Our team has many years of experience developing a wide variety of solutions using the Mule ESB for data integration, analytics & visualizations, and applications.

MuleSoft's benefits include:

  • Lightweight – design, build, and deploy in weeks, not years!
  • Powerful – handles your most complex system to system data needs.
  • Scalable – grows to meet your needs, thousands of transactions per second.
  • Embeddable – speeds your own application development time.
  • Built with modern languages and systems architecture – stay on the leading edge and keep your technology relevant.
  • Open-source community maintained software – features added, problems discovered, and bugs resolved with much more regularity by thousands of contributors, worldwide.
  • Enterprise features – take advantage of management tools, performance monitoring, and high-availability features keep your systems running smoothly.
  • Vendor support from MuleSoft – service level agreements that let you go right to the source for issues.

Mule Technologies We've Worked With

Midwood's Mule certified professionals are experienced in providing end-to-end data integration and transformation services to enable the development and delivery complex event processing solutions. We help unlock the value of enterprise information by leveraging the full-suite of Mule technologies. Our services and solutions include:

  • Configuration & Optimization
  • MuleSoft Support
  • MuleSoft Maintenance
  • MuleSoft Implementation
  • MuleSoft Integration
  • MuleSoft Continuous Integrations
  • MuleSoft Consulting
  • Mule ESB Consulting
  • Middleware Consulting
  • MuleSoft Custom Integrations
  • IT Planing & Analysis
  • Architecture Strategy & Design

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